The Importance of No Smoking Area in Indonesia

Region in Indonesia which not yet adopt the policy, should follow the other region which already adopt it.

World No Tobacco which held on 31st May every year to be expected able to trigger the development of no smoking area in Indonesia. This area is not only will affect the health of passive smoker, but also will able to support the cleanliness of our environment.

In Indonesia, region that already been able to adopt area which such system is Surabaya. As government said that this no smoking area not only applied in the governmental institute, but also in the domestic or public area.

Beside the application of tools policy, government also suggested that cigarette industrial parties to reduce nicotine on their products. Remind that the nicotine content on cigarette has brought bad impacts on its consumer, it will need strict regulation regarding cigarette industry in Indonesia. It is highly need awareness of industry parties towards environment in Indonesia to make the campaign success.

Meanwhile, Yogyakarta city administration is preparing Rancangan Peraturan Daerah (some kind of provincial regulation) regarding smoking provision in public area to give protection for passive smokers. This regulation planning will be listed in Program Legislasi Daerah on 2013. That regulation is not prohibits the citizen to smoke. But, to give certain rules of their smoking activities in order to give protection to the passive smokers. This smoking rules are not only be applied at the governmental institution in Yogyakarta.

Moreover, this regulation also will adopt in legislative institution, religious places, schools, health service places, playing grounds, and shopping centers. One of the plan is to make smoking area in an open place so that the smoke will get lost quickly.
Yogyakarta, independently, in 2012 has 20 Rukun Warga which already declare them selves as free from smoking area. The areas prohibit the smoker doing their smoking activity inside the house, residence meetings, in front of kids and infants, also in front of women.


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